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Drug Possession vs Drug Possession for Sale

Getting caught with illegal drugs can be a very damning event in your life, as the subsequent criminal trial will likely be left in your permanent record which your potential future employers will see and may not like, as well as potential landlords who might not be keen to lease …

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Senior Citizens and Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know

If you find yourself in some financial straits, one of the ways you can help yourself is by filing for bankruptcy. Different kinds of bankruptcy can help you in different ways, but they all provide you a break from paying off your debts so you can hopefully recuperate financially. If …

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Open Georgia: where to go, what to see

One may travel around Georgia for days on end, falling in love with Sighnaghi, buying delicious wine in the Alazani Valley, touching the shrines in Mtskheta, and plunging into the sea and the entertainment world in Batumi. You can walk around the capital of Georgia indefinitely. New modern buildings in …

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6 Best Screen Sharing Apps for Mobile Devices

In recent times, collaboration and communication with remotely located friends and colleagues have being made easier with availability of mobile screen sharing apps for mobile phones and PC. Find below  6 of the most popular phone screen sharing apps are available for users. ezTalks ezTalks is supported all devices across …

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