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6 Best Screen Sharing Apps for Mobile Devices

In recent times, collaboration and communication with remotely located friends and colleagues have being made easier with availability of mobile screen sharing apps for mobile phones and PC. Find below  6 of the most popular phone screen sharing apps are available for users.

  1. ezTalks

ezTalks is supported all devices across all platforms. This screen sharing app is loaded with several amazing additional features such as video conferencing, file sharing, online whiteboard, HD auto and video chat, recording and playback etc and also the most secure screenshare app available for free.

 Its free version allows up to 100 participants for screen sharing and video conferencing.

  1. Appear.in

Appear.in is considered one of the best free phone screen sharing app due to its user friendly interface making it easy to use requiring to formalities to commence with a video conferencing session. Its free version lets 8 participants to video conference and screen share at once where as its premium plans allows 12 participants.

  1. Skype

Skype is one of the oldest screen sharing application available to users and is free to download and works well across all platforms and operating systems. It also has additional features such as video calls and conferencing, file sharing etc. Its screen sharing feature allows the users to choose between share phone screen entirely or only a particular window during video calls and conferencing.

  1. Google Hangouts

This screen sharing app was introduced by Google, it is available for free and is simple to use and allows users to experience good performance in video calls and conferences along with its screen sharing feature. It is free for all and does not have any paid or premium plans and allows only 10 users to screen share and video conference at a single time.

  1. Zoom Meetings

This screenshare app is considered one of the best free screen sharing application for business and enterprise due to its high performance and security features. It supports additional features such as video conferencing, unlimited cloud storage, full suite collaboration etc and allows up to 500 participants on join in a single conference video call or a webinar. It also has premium plans which allows businesses to choose the best plan suitable for their needs.

  1. Join.me

Join.me is free mobile screen sharing app which also has additional features such as whiteboarding, video conferencing etc. Free version of this screenshare app allows only 3 participants at once while its premium plans are economically priced.  It supports and runs on all mobiles and PC devices.

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