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A Guide to the Types of Parking Bollards Based on Parking Needs

Parking bollards serve two primary purposes, demarcation and deterrence. Some are used only for demarcating closed areas or parking lots. Sometimes, it is necessary to seal off some areas permanently. Different types of bollards are used in each case. Here is a quick guide on the kind of bollard suitable for every parking need.

  1. Guiding Pedestrians Only

In areas such loading bays, there is always need to deter pedestrians but allow heavy vehicles to turn. The parking bollards suitable for this scenario are bendable bollards and delineators. They offer clear demarcation for pedestrians but do no damage to the car. They are commonly used where some level of driver error is acceptable.

Apart from guiding foot traffic, flexible bollards and delineators can be used in close spaced parking lots. It is common to find bollards damaged by cars that missed the parking lane by a few inches while entering or leaving. Bendable bollards are a less costly alternative.

  1. Time-specific delineation

There are always areas that need to be closed at specific times and opened at another. Some of the areas include public parks and parking areas in campuses. The best bollards for this application are the removable and collapsible parking bollards.

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They do not offer significant impact protection, as their function is only to restrict access at specific times. They are common in permit parking zones and limited access areas. The delineators keep the restricted regions visually sealed off from the public. They come in different methods of operation and colors to suit each parking needs and preferences.

  1. Security barriers

There parts of the road or building that require being permanently sealed off for security or safety reasons. Cars crashing into buildings have become a common occurrence. The best way of dealing with such is to have the structure delineated by versatile parking bollards. The standard type used in this case is steel or concrete bollards.

Permanent steel bollards are used to protect other structures such as exterior HVAC systems, water pumps, and security gates. They can as well be used to protect parts of a building such as glass walls, entryways, and sliding doors. On top of property protection, these parking bollards guide pedestrian and motorists.

  1. Night mode traffic guidance

Night mode guidance is necessary at home or in buildings that are active at night. They include 24hour shopping malls, restaurants, and much more. Versatile permanent parking bollards with light components are the ones to go for.

The light guides drivers into the parking lot and the building. The bollards also come with reflective striping which reduces the chances of accidental collision. Security, safety, and accident prevention are the primary functions of nighttime bollards.

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