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Airsoft: How to Handle the Cold

Many people involved in airsoft think that they can’t play in winter due to bad weather conditions and low temperatures – However this is not the case. If you are a lover of airsoft you will be pleased to know that you do not need to hibernate this winter and instead, after reading a few great tips, you will be able to enjoy airsoft just as much as you do during other seasons.

If you are looking to get involved with airsoft this winter then please ensure that you read the following tips…

Use higher powered gas: Cold weather can be incredibly detrimental to the performance of airsoft bb guns therefore if you are going to be airsofting in winter you should consider using higher powered gas. Products like Vertex Gas are available to provide unrivalled power that can more than compensate for the effects in which cold weather can have.

Use stronger guns: Your performance will change depending on what movement you use. Inexpensive plastic bb guns can become incredibly brittle when it is cold and in some cases even crack, which is of course something that you want to avoid. Invest in a premium bb gun to get you through winter.

Wrap up warm: This one might sound obvious but we thought that we would list it anyway. When it is cold and you are cold your muscles won’t allow you to perform in airsoft to the best of your ability. You need to ensure that you keep warm and wear many thin layers such as thermals and light waterproofs. Don’t’ wear big bulky layers and this could also impair your airsoft abilities. Also, ensure that you have appropriate face covers, gloves and footwear such as wellingtons or walking boots.

Stock up on food and drink: When playing airsoft in winter you need to ensure that you eat and drink enough. Drink water on a regular basis and in your backpack put food and drink to enjoy on your airsoft breaks. Staying hydrated will allow you to stay focus and be at the top of your game. Many people think that drinking enough is not as important in colder temperatures; however it is in fact more important if anything.

There are only some of the available tips for airsofting in winter too – There are plenty more, and if you are going to be airsofting in the cold weather we would recommend that you speak with your airsoft supplier who will no doubt be able to guide and advise you in the greatest ways.

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