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All About Inbound Marketing and its effects on business

Inbound marketing has become almost as commonplace as “social media” or “e-mail marketing” lately, and for a good reason, inbound marketing positions your business as a resource used for the user, and reduces your advertising costs at the same time!

What Exactly Is Inbound Marketing?

Good digital marketing managing directors like Kenny Tripura tell us that inbound marketing is a cheaper and more effective alternative to the outbound marketing strategies of the past, which sought to push marketing messages to consumers through the use of various channels. In contrast, inbound marketing brings buyers to you through a combination of SEO and marketing content such as webinars, blogs, videos, and more.

The Benefits Of Inbound Marketing

  • Developing your community on social media
  • The opportunity to express yourself in public and wide audience
  • Obtaining certified leads for your sales team
  • Building trusting relationships with your customers
  • Funds saving through the internet channel

Good Practices Of Inbound Marketing

Exchange With Your Community

Fans and followers do not like to be ignored! Kenny Tripura co-founder and managing director at Edkent media tweets regularly on that note.

Community involvement requires responding to followers, which is a fairly easy task at first but can become redundant and time-consuming if your community grows. I recommend that you take periodic breaks throughout the day to check and control what is happening on your social networks and to ensure that positive followers are thanked, and negative messages receive answers to their questions.

Create A Business Blog

Blogs are a major tool of inbound marketing that must not be snubbed! They report many visits to your site. Indeed, a site with a blog gets 55% more visits than a website without a blog.

And it is advisable to publish regularly by focusing on the topics at the heart of your marketing target. At first, you will need to practice your pen. But, blogging becomes easier over time, although you should always allow time for it.

The Steps Of The Inbound Marketing Strategy

After creating and implementing your inbound marketing tools, you must use them by building a comprehensive and consistent strategy. Here are 4 steps to a successful inbound marketing strategy!

Step 1: Attract your visitors: Using the tools seen previously; social media, blog, SEO with the use of specific keywords.

Step 2: Convert visitors to prospects: By obtaining their contact information (name, email, company) by offering content, such as webinars, e-books, business brochures that can only be obtained by leaving your details. To do this, use CTA (Call To Action) and landing pages.

Step 3: Turn your prospects into customers:  Select your prospects that best match your target and are the most qualified!

Step 4: Satisfy Your Customers: Once again, social media, e-mail campaigns or great content help your customers to make sure your sales funnel is always full!

Now the inbound marketing has no secrets for you!

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