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An Open Letter To Doctors From A Crowdfunding Professional

Dear Doctor,

You have been told often enough, I assume, that the service you offer to people is a noble form of aid. The good health and the very lives of others depend on your knowledge, your skill, and the generosity you practice every day that you perform as a medical practitioner. Perhaps you are not thanked often enough. As a person who works in the social enterprise sector, I want to thank you for every act of healing that you bring about.

I’m a writer, and I work at a social enterprise startup that helps people find crowdfunding solutions to their personal and social change projects. Our company, has done extensive work in the three years since its inception in medical crowdfunding for patients in need. The nature of our work brings us in contact with grievously ill people nearly as often as you, as a healthcare provider. We are committed to helping these people raise funds to pay for their treatment, which is often humongously expensive, especially at private hospitals. We talk to them about their illnesses, their struggles to make ends meet, their need for funds and their plans to utilize what they raise on our crowdfunding platform. We write stories about the experiences of individuals who are unable to carry on with treatment and have reached a point where they are prepared to go online and ask friends, and friends-of-friends, for help. They want to live, despite cancer, organ failure, devastating injuries sustained in accidents, or degenerative diseases. Some are children.

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To these humans in suffering wreaked by physical affliction – and they have no control over it – we can reach out a helping hand by spreading their stories and asking for contributions to their crowdfunding campaigns on our social media networks. In stunning displays of resilience and courage, we have seen men and women set aside their claim to victimhood and rally into real effort to have their campaigns go viral. They write emails, upload photos and record videos documenting their condition and make compelling appeals for donations to strangers on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

Hundreds of those who see fundraisers on the social media feeds of their friends either share or give a gift of cash to the campaign (each social media share increases chances of reaching potential donors by up to five times). They give because they have the assurance that the campaign is authentic, having been vetted by the crowdfunding platform, and a person of high credibility they already know is soliciting a donation. They give because they are moved, and they give from a place of trust and goodwill to people they may never have met. Donors, in this participatory way, help save lives by raising together costs of medical treatment, just as doctors do.

At Impact Guru, we have a core belief that nobody should be allowed to die because treatment costs prohibited them from accessing healthcare, just as doctors swear the oath that they will assist sick people to live as long as there’s breath in their bodies. This is why we are reaching out to you. We are asking for your help to build bridges between patients in need of treatment funds, and a community of compassionate donors who will give online to genuine medical crowdfunding projects.

You can help by encouraging your indigent patients to try crowdfunding for medical expenses, especially big ticket ones such as surgeries, oncological therapy, neonatal care and maternal health. You can empower your patients to get the best treatment they deserve by explaining to them how crowdfunding works, and by telling them that the process is quick, easy, and secure. You can enable the creation of lasting positive relationships between donors, campaigners, and healthcare ecosystem representatives by exhorting your patients to crowdfund. This role you can play as a doctor is invaluable, and can save thousands of lives by making treatment available and affordable without the hassles that loans and insurance claims come with.

You can join the global crowdfunding effort by also taking personal initiative to connect high net worth individuals and philanthropists you might know, as a professional with influential networks, to patients you treat who have exhausted their savings trying to save their lives.

We need you.


A Crowdfunding Professional and Enthusiast

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