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Artistic expression of France in porcelain

France is a land known for its sophisticated fashion, wine and scents. The land is known for art, culture, tourism for its vineyards and Limoges. Limoges boxes are the art collectors dream collection. These boxes are collected for various reasons. Some collect them as piece of beauty and as collection of art. Other collects them as memoire of their tour to France; some collect them as per the theme like animals, fashion automobile, and various other subjects. One thing which is common among all its collectors is their undaunted and evergreen love for these boxes. You can also collect your box from the collector’s collection.

History of Limoges

History of porcelain ware goes back to second century B.C when the Chinese potters made the beautiful hand painted porcelain ware. These utensils were imported to Europe and these potteries became the treasured collection of the royalties of Europe. People tried to make the same wares but were not able to do so and could not match the quality and the craftsmanship of Chinese people. The discovery of Kaolin was made in the 1700 century near the city of Limoges. The thick forest provided the wood for the fire kilns and the nearby river provided ample of water for factories producing limoges boxes and for transportation. The local artisans provided the required high level of craftsmanship.

All these things invited the entrepreneurs from all over the Europe to establish their factories to produce porcelain boxes. As the time passed the skill of the local artisans reached its zenith and made the Limoges famous all over the world.

Why to collect these boxes?

These boxes are collected as the pieces of artistic expressions and craftsmanship of the artisans of Limoges. Initially these boxes were used by the Royalties to keep snuff. As the usage of snuff became outdated, these boxes were used to send love messages. Present collectors keep them as piece of art collection.

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