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Buy Best Florida Water Online – Nu-Botanics

Nu-Botanic, one of the biggest sellers of botanic products is also one of the leading sellers of Florida water, having an online as well as retail presence. Nu-Botanics has an online store, https://www.nu-botanics.com/ and 4 retails locations, 3 in State of California (Los Angeles, San Jose and Paronama City) and one in State of Texas (Dallas).

Apart from being leading sellers of Florida waters, Nu-Botanics has a large assortments of product in its catalogue which include:

  • Bath Products and Waters.
  • Amulets, Statues and Talismans
  • Perfumes, Colognes, and Lotions.
  • Herb, roots and elements.
  • Santeria
  • Florida Waters
  • Various kinds of jewellery
  • Incense and related accessories.
  • 7-day candles, small-buck candles and a wide assortment of candles
  • Tarot Cards and Fortune Cards.
  • Aerosol Sprays.
  • Various kinds of oils.
  • Accessories for various holidays and themes.

Features of online store of Nu-Botanics

  • Offers a safe and secure shopping experience for purchase of Florida water and other botanica products.
  • Orders are processed on Weekdays.
  • Orders placed before 12 PM are processed the same day
  • Orders after before 12 PM are processed the next working day
  • Orders are dispatched within 72 hours of orders being processed.

Returns and Refund Policy

  • Nu-Botanics has a strict returns and refunds policy regarding returns of Florida water and other botanica products.
  • Returns are not accepted without authorisation.
  • Shipping Cost is not refundable.
  • Customers need to pay 10% restocking charges for order cancellation.
  • Customers need to pay 15% restocking charges for cancelling orders prior to dispatch
  • The above charges are waived off in case the mistakes and errors are from the company’s end leading to return of product.

International Shipping

  • Nu-Botanics offers international shipping for Florida water and other botanica products.
  • Cannot ship certain products such as aerosol sprays outside the United States.
  • International shipments are subject to additional custom duties, import duties and local taxation depending upon the place of shipment.

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