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Clearabee: UK’s No. 1 On-Demand Rubbish Removal Company

A new report stated that The Co-Op joined hands with Clearabee, an on-demand rubbish removal company, in a multi-million-pound pact that tacitly mandates the firm to clear all the group’s unplanned, reactive waste.

The contract, which spans for three years tasks the professional rubbish-removal company to deal with all sorts of unexpected rubbish materials including fly-tipped rubbish generated from parks and stale food items because of damaged freezing equipment. Clearabee is expected to expand its professional services to Co-Op’s 2, 500 retail shops and 1, 000 funeral homes and parlours.

Clearabee has projected that it will meet over 5,000 on-demand calls. It’s a load of work, but through the company’s team comprising 250 trained professionals and 100 steadfast vans, the work will be well-distributed and handled flawlessly.

“Clearabee has proven to be a reliable partner who can reliably perform at any scale, and exactly when and where we [Co-Op Group] needed it to be,” said Anne Case, the Senior contract manager.

“Our innovative strategies and countrywide outreach indicate our ability to efficiently respond to Co-Op’s rubbish removal calls and provide cost-effective services,” added Daniel Long, founder and Managing Director of Clearabee.

Having won the contract, Clearabee replaces Biffa, one of the country’s top-rated waste removal brands.

Types of Waste

It is not uncommon to see a dumpster full of different types of waste. People throw in rubbish without thinking of whether there’s one that can be recycled. Such is a poor waste disposal habit that destroys the environment and causes infections.

Waste can be classified into five different categories. It is based upon the understanding of these classifications that a professional rubbish removal company performs its job.

  1. Liquid Waste

Liquid waste is both generated from residential homes and commercial industries. Dirty water, wash water, organic liquids, and rainwater are all types of liquid waste. Additionally, it is equally important also to understand whether a liquid waste is a point/non-point source. Any waste from manufacturing industries is referred to point source whereas any natural surface run-off is a non-point source.

  1. Solid Waste

Solid rubbish can be categorised into plastics, paper, tins, and metals, as well as ceramics and glassware. The good thing about solid waste is that most can be recycled and reused. Their impact on the environment can be controlled.

  1. Organic Waste

Organic rubbish is common among households. All food items, stale meat, manure, garden waste, fruit and potato peels are all organic waste. These are biodegradable and form manure with the help of bacteria. Even so, they should be properly disposed of because high-concentration of organic waste forms methane. Methane has adverse effects when mixed with other waste.

  1. Recyclable Waste

Recycling means converting rubbish into other items that can be used for the same purpose as before, or another use. Metal, paper, plastic, furniture, and organic waste can be recycled. Instead of throwing such items in a dumpster, place them in a distinct recycle bag for proper disposal.

  1. Hazardous Waste

Any flammable, corrosive, reactive, or toxic rubbish is regarded to as hazardous. They not only have negative environmental impacts but also pose a risk to the handler. Therefore, they can only be best dealt with by professional companies.

 About Clearabee

Clearabee is one of UK’s most reputable on-demand waste removal companies. Whatever type of junk or rubbish you have around, Clearabee can expertly remove and dispose of it. Its innovative, 100% in-house, man-and-van operations have enabled the firm to expand its services, covering the entire country.

Clearabee manages to complete over a thousand rubbish removal projects from homes on a monthly basis. Moving from home comes with its fair share of junk and unusable materials. Removing the waste is an overwhelming task, considering other household items need to be transferred to the new home. Clearabee can help you deal with waste during moving for better outcomes.

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