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Customize elegant patinas for your interiors

When you look out for a Patina that goes well with your home, it is necessary to get the ones that suit your interiors. Well, if you are a home-enthusiast, you will love to explore the wide collection of patinas and pick the one that goes well with your home. Here are certain popular ideas for elegant patinas, that you can integrate in your home.

Barnyard black patina

This is one of the most elegant-looking patinas, that you can integrate in your home. The weathered texture of the wood adds to its beauty. The planks resemble European wood and are of average thickness. It has got a solid engineering and comes in an attractive combination of light and dark shades. The intricate designs in the wood look natural and you can buy this patina to elevate the looks of your home.

Beach bone

Certain home enthusiasts look out for bright floorings. This type of floors is made of weathered wood and you will love the intricate design in the planks. These planks are fairly thin and are made of European oak. The popularity of these patinas lies in the fact that they are durable and come with a good mix of aesthetic appeal and elegance.

Braided river

As the name suggests, this type of patina come with a natural essence, particularly that of a river. Imagine the water flowing over the surface, twisting and intertwining with the wind. The patina has got a similar texture, and is dark in colour. It has an elegant look and the weathered character of the wood adds to its beauty.

You can also explore other types of Patina designs. These include coastline, driftwood white, frost and much more. Integrate the patina that complements the other design styles in your home. The wall colour, type of ceiling and other elements needs to be considered, when you buy these patinas.

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