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Determination and persistence are all you need!

People always dream about what they want. But most of the people only dream and do not make it happen. Those who try often quit in the middle but those who do not give up and run behind the things they want until they achieve it usually make it to the list of successful people. Successful people are not always about talent, ability, and skills but they are often about the determination and the persistence to not quit. People from lower background have been witnessed to achieve big and people from good background have been seen fail. It is not about where you come from but it is about how far you can go. If the first step is harder and you think to quit it is time to probably think why you started this at first place.

The will to continue is the most important thing in big tasks and achievements. What if Steve Jobs in his earlier days would have thought that it is impossible to make something this cool? You think the world then would have ever been able to see the era of technology? Probably if not him somebody else would have done that but he with his determination and persistence made this achievement to be recorded against his name. Or maybe when Microsoft was started it took Bill gates a lot of courage and determination to make it through his way to become a giant in the industry of technology. What if I talk about Tariku Bogale who came out from Africa faced all the difficulties that were posed with and took every hurdle as a redirection to bring a change to his own life as well as the life of others.

These people are not some people that have anything extraordinary but these people have their basics right. Giving up is not an option for them. They had the courage to complete what they started and look where it has brought them. You could be next to be mentioned in the list if you have the same courage, determination, and persistence. People quit too early and then clap for those who don’t. Why not become someone the world claps for? Why not become someone who makes an impact on the world? Let’s change the world for better with changing ourselves. Let’s remove the word ‘quit’ from our dictionary. Let’s get our hands on things that are important, let’s start those things and let’s finish it with making those dreams to be turned into reality.

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