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How the Rise of Voice Search May Influence Your Business’ Digital Marketing Plan

Voice-activated technologies are finding a place in a variety of industries. As the “technological trend of the decade,” it’s no surprise that businesses are looking for ways to capitalize on its ability to drive efficiency in operations, simplify product processes, and reduce overall business costs. What is more, the ability of consumers to use voice input to quickly and easily perform a number of tasks rather than type in commands or queries means that businesses will feel the impact on their digital marketing plans. Banking, finance, education, healthcare, transportation, and even law and order are looking at the ways in which voice recognition software can assist and bring opportunities for industry advancements.

People use voice-activated technologies in their homes and offices in a number of ways and for diverse purposes. Voice recognition can allow individuals to both multi-task and complete tasks more quickly. Voice search helps individuals get access to information quickly and more accurately.  It helps hurried and harried mothers and fathers do daily things such as set reminders for tasks or turn off and on electrical devices when their hands are full. It can help administrative assistants create e-records, set appointments, and develop scheduling protocols. It can help teachers prepare lessons and provide tutorials while assisting students in writing papers getting access to video or e-lessons.

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Retail and ecommerce are also seeing the impact of voice search technology. Searching long aisles in a retail store and sorting through product pages on ecommerce stores are now a thing of the past. The addition of voice-based search functionality simplifies and streamlines the online shopping experience, allowing consumers to speak the product’s name or related search keywords in order to be directed to the relevant product or service, whether it is online or offline. Businesses that understand that consumers who own voice-activated speakers welcome brands as part of the experience of using a virtual assistant will have a competitive edge over those that do not. Companies whose brands are forward-thinking enough to recognize the ways in which voice search will not only capitalize on the general practices of consumers using the voice recognition technology, but also the marketing and advertising campaigns that use it.

Your business can integrate voice recognition software with business apps for improved efficiency and customer service.

If you’re looking for a first step, you may find that using Amazon’s Alexa, for example, can improve your business processes and procedures in the workplace. Voice technology can assist your employees in scheduling meetings, keeping track of daily to-do lists, and setting important reminders. This can add to the overall efficiency and time management of your teams. For larger organizations that suffer from an inability to share meeting spaces, voice-activated assistants can manage everything from conference call setups to room availability and booking, eliminating the need for a flurry of email activity.

Applications like Voice Access, developed by Google, can also help people with mobility and mobile impairments control their devices, allowing consumers previously limited in their ability to access ecommerce retailers more easily. Alexa, along with Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana, can also be used to improve customer service phone support. Access to voice recognition technology in this form can create a more natural customer service help system that handles simple issues via telephone.

Your business can increase its online visibility and drive traffic.

Using voice-activation software, consumers can speak complex search terms into the product search engine, resulting in quicker and more accurate search results that will benefit businesses, especially those with technical or scientific products names and descriptions. Spoken product names, in particular, provide greater accuracy than type-written product names. Queries that require information from the web are given in an answer that cites the source of the information. The information that is read aloud as a result of the query can provide opportunities for businesses to capitalize on their authority. Learning more about how voice search questions result in their product or source citations could help business marketers devote time and energy in providing the best answer for the most common featured snippets, driving both their brand’s visibility and credibility.

Optimizing for voice search can assist a brand in a variety of ways, especially if it gives the best possible answer to the question. When Google reads their answer to the searcher, it will drive traffic to the brand’s business site, increasing not only brand awareness but also improving Google ranking.

Your business can use voice search to mimic organic conversations about your brand.

If you’ve ever tried to change a YouTube name without changing the Google name, you understand the ways in which we search when typing in keywords differs from the natural discourse about a product or service or brand name. When we use mobile and computers as a means of searching, we tend to use short phrases to find what we are looking for, saving us time and effort. But when people utilize voice search, the query more closely resembles a conversation with the virtual assistant. This means that searching can include the organic ways in which consumers talk about your brand, learning the keywords, phrases, and natural conversational nuances along the way.

For marketing, natural language phrases can tell a business what audiences think about your product or service.  You can also use it for interpreting your user’s intent. These data help you make informed decisions that can tie back into your marketing campaign.

What are your best ideas regarding the use of voice search in your business?  Feel free to share your ideas below.


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