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How to Examine the Quality of Medical Marijuana

It is well known that CBD oil is the most popular remedy for so many health issues. It helps cancer patient also. It is basically an herb that is extracted from leaves and roots of the hemp plant. Cannabis oil extraction process is purely organic. It gives relief in a lot of health problem such as anxiety, pain, cancer, etc.

Marijuana oil is basically of two types that is CBC and THC. Both are quite similar but there is a difference in its extraction process. THC is also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD is also called cannabidiol. CBC does not have any psychoactive effect but THC has such an effect.

Medical Marijuana is beneficial in chronic pain and in other health-related issues but you must sure about its dosages. You should have the proper knowledge of it and ensure its quality.

Here, in this article, we give you some tips by which it is easy to examine the quality of Medical Marijuana.

The Smell of Herb: The foremost thing that helps you in identifying the quality of Marijuana is its smell. Its smell depends on the herb from which it extracted. Good quality of buds should have a sarcastic and sour smell. The smell of the plant indicates that the bud was well grown in a suitable environment. It will smell like chocolate or coffee. If you are experiencing some other smell then it is not of good quality.

The Color of the Herb: As it is hard to consider color as strains may come in different colors.  But, most of the good quality strains come in green color. It may be either light green or dark green. Little bit purple and pink strains may be of good quality. But stay away if it of red, brown and yellow color. So, ensure the color of the strain that is very essential.

The Structure of The Plant: Structure of the strains will play a vital role in its quality. If the buds are tight and dense then its quality is good. Some may be light and fluffy but it depends on which strain you are purchasing. So, as per your requirement, you may choose the strain of best quality.

The Feel of the Weed: Feeling is the key feature in finding the quality of the herb. Good weed will not dry easily when it is put in the sun for a long time. The herb must be stick and crumbled when you break it.  The best way to determine its quality is to look at the weed carefully. Ask the bud-tender how and where the weed is stored. Its storage surely impacts its quality.

The Trichomes Of the Weed: The weed will be of superior quality if it is produced with ripe trichomes. Trichomes are the place where cannabinoids are stored. To determine it you may see snow like layer on the bud. The more trichomes will make a good quality bud. Trichome ripeness also depends on its harvesting.

All the above points will surely help you in determining the quality of Marijuana. That you should know for the proper usage of CBD oil.

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