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How to Stay Relevant in Food Marketing

Trust professionals

A PR company uses a range of effective tools to ensure that a brand or product is placed in front of consumers and that they connect with a campaign so positive results, sales and revenue, are achieved. Website content, social media interaction, events and publicity news pieces must be relevant to achieve goals.


Relates to a need, wish or goal achievement for the consumer.

Data is of interest to them, family or friends.

Creates a feeling of inclusion in a community.

Builds a sense of loyalty to a brand.

The product serves market demand.

Comprehends seasonal issues.

Most effective cost levels.

Food marketing should be handled by a leading PR company with an outstanding reputation for formulating strategies across media platforms and in person, knowing how SEO plays a vital role in securing online search matches and using intuitive tools like brand storytelling highly effectively.

Hard working food PR company benefits

Perhaps your firm has created a new white sauce and it is ready to go on the market, vying for attention among a range of similar products. Do you, as a business leader or owner appreciate the unique selling point that makes your sauce the best option for consumers and how and where to communicate this for maximum results?

Every piece of data and food PR exercises in the public domain must work hard for you and present the answer to a problem the consumer needs to solve.

For increased online presence, food marketing experts use strong phrases and keywords, SEO tools, to encourage search matches. In a search on Google the word sauce brings up 365 million results. To be found, you must be using keywords which match the searcher’s.

A search for white sauce delivers numerous other search terms in the suggestions section which may be used as keywords in content as appropriate. e.g. white sauce pasta, white sauce for lasagne, white sauce for fish and white sauce without butter. The more pertinent terms are, the greater the match potential.

Consumer activity, preferences and demographics tell a PR company’s team a lot.

Specialist food PR firms target the core market for your product via multiple channels. This stream of information engages consumers in a relationship and should create a need to learn more, make a purchase; to take some form of positive action. People become unofficial brand ambassadors by passing on information online and via word of mouth; but they’ll only do this if they believe that the product is perfect right now.

  • Would you feel confident marketing cranberry sauce in spring, months before the Christmas demand?
  • Would you expect a food PR specialist to generate more interest in a new variety of soup in the heat of mid-summer or as autumn approaches?

Food marketing firms like Ceres PR have teams of trained, experienced professionals who can introduce and maintain brand credibility, evaluate if a brand needs to be repositioned and whether cost could be an obstacle in your chosen market.

Your food product deserves relevant PR.

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