Front-end Web development workshops are becoming very popular these days as people are looking forward to the internet. One can learn a number of skills to a great extent in your front-end web development course. You can learn to design the websites and build some of the best front ends for the users giving them a worthwhile experience. One can take up a Web Development classroom training to know all the details about the same. Here are some basic concepts one must know before you sign-up for the course.

One should be well versed with the HTML and CSS concepts. These two are must for any web page development; it must be used in the correct manner for the better results. Starting from the color to deciding the font size, font color, image everything depends on these two languages. One has to have complete knowledge of these two cornerstones to start with the front end web.

Javascript is another important programming language for the development of front-end web. From making the web page user-friendly and dynamic for the viewers or adding a general pop-up to the dynamic feature, one has to know how to use the Javascript. Javascript is the primary language for the most web development tools and almost all types of frameworks. Thus, HTML, CSS, and Javascript are three common coding languages with which all beautiful and interactive websites can be built. We know the website is one of the most important tools to communicate to the customers.

There are many front end web development frameworks that are used to provide a convenient structure to the code. Ember JS, React, Angular, Backbone, etc. are some of these. Depending upon the need of the type of need these frameworks are chosen, even it depends on what kind of front-end web development you are planning to take up. Front-end web development has a variety of uses like easing the process of coding, providing ready to use a template from their inbuilt code libraries and even making the applications and websites faster. It is similar to JS framework; there are few front-end frameworks as well.

 One of the front-end web frameworks is bootstrap, which is used quite frequently. Most of the frameworks have a large number of libraries, which reduces half of the work minimizing the complete time utilized in the project development and making the code simplified, easily readable and modular. The designer has to take into consideration the different screen sizes and resolutions because the users nowadays use a variety of devices; the designer has to take these aspects into consideration when designing a website.

Another major tool in the front end web development is JQuery. It is not used at the basic level, but there are varieties of functions that can be done using the JQuery.  It is basically an extension to Javascript where one gets libraries of varied codes and the functionalities written in Javascript. The main purpose to use it is to speed up the development work without making it much complicated. By the end of learning front-end web development, you will possess all the skills to develop your own website.

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