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Market Your Social Good Company and Make Money

One of the emerging trends in America as the transfer of economic power moves from baby boomers to millennials is socially responsible marketing. According to Forbes, millennials, like the generations before them, have “distinct values, predilections, habits, and fears” related to their earning and spending, and what they are looking for in a business is sustainable manufacturing methods, ethical business practices, and pro-social business behavior.

What does this mean for current businesses? It means that creating a mission and vision that incorporates socially good work is going to be critical to the lifeblood of your company. Millenials, unlike other generations before them, are looking to support businesses that value philanthropic work as part and parcel of their business practices. They value the strong ties that companies have to the community that generate a sense of mutual respect and cooperation. They want to work for and buy from companies that provide them with a sense of purpose and pride. And they want to feel as if their time, money, effort, and energy have value for the betterment of their world.

Creating a mission and vision that incorporates socially good works is one thing; finding ways to increase awareness of your company’s efforts to make the world a better place may be quite another. It is important that your company find ways to market those efforts to millennial consumers in addition to developing socially responsible initiatives.

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Using Hashtags. Because spreading the word about the philanthropic work of your company is important to the viability of your company, you may want to use hashtags on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Hashtags can be used to draw attention to the specific social good work being done by your company. Whether that includes #letscurecancertogether or #feedingthechildren, hashtags provide insight into the actual socially responsible behavior being performed on behalf of the community, and it provides access to individuals who want to know more about what your company is doing. It also directs those who desire to become involved to a reservoir of information.

In addition to hashtag use, there are other ways for your business to market your socially responsible business and make money using Instagram. You might choose to sponsor brands that want to reach your audience or work as an affiliate earning money by selling products that belong to other brands. These may be brands that have products associated with your own, or they may be companies that are working with you in your philanthropic endeavors. You can also use Instagram to sell your products and market your company, as long as the business and its works can be expressed visually and creatively.

Sharing ongoing success and meaningful experiences. Many clear-cut company examples have illustrated that socially responsible businesses provide sustainable business models and have also have improved marketing, employee recruitment, overall employee satisfaction, consumer loyalty, brand perception and richer partnerships. Customers are beginning to demand socially responsible behavior from the companies that they choose to buy from, and not only do they expect responsible business practices, but they are willing to pay more for it.

It is critical that your company find ways to share its philanthropic success. Whether it involves sharing how your company contributes to charity or explaining the eco-friendly packaging your company uses, consumers want to hear your story. Adding a blog to your business website, once considered a superfluous “extra” in website design, is now a major component for companies who want to remain relevant and competitive. It allows your company to post content that regularly illustrates your company’s contributions to the community, shares personal triumphs of individual employees, or provides heartwarming stories that allow your consumers to connect with you and your brand.

Encouraging volunteerism. Built into many socially responsible companies is the desire to encourage all people to become individual philanthropic contributors. Businesses that find ways to get their employees and their consumers involved in socially good works are critical to overall employee satisfaction and consumer brand loyalty. From gift-matching to release days for volunteer activities to continued contributions to charities, some of the largest socially responsible companies find ways to make an impact beyond the walls of their business.

Philanthropic works of socially good companies are important, not only for the viability of the company itself but also for the future of humanity. Finding ways to let consumers know about the socially responsible and productive work of companies is important. What are some ways you have discovered the philanthropic works of companies you are loyal to?

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