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Practical Tips On How To Transport Camping Generators

Camping is a rewarding thing. You escape the city life and brave the outdoors to find respite with nature. You trade the comforts of your home with tents and camping generators for the sake of experiencing this talked-about outdoor activity that many people find satisfying.

Though it can really be overwhelming, especially for rookies, many firms have dished out cool gears and gadgets to help you have the best and most comfortable camping experience possible. One of these is the camping generator. Powerful and long-lasting, this device is a reliable and trusty companion when you’re in need of a power supply.

When buying one, you must take into account several factors, such as usage (what are the appliances or tools you might need to power during camping), power output, weight, size, fuel, dependability, efficiency, and noise level.

But after you’ve invested in one, you’ll now be faced with another question: how do you transport this type of generator? Fret not and read on! In here, we have compiled some practical tips from experienced campers.

* If you have a camping trailer, attach a cargo box to its back bumper in order to provide your generator a platform. If there is an additional space, you can also store other camping gears like cooler in the said cargo box. Place the properly and secure them to the box by using tie-down straps or bungee cords.

* You can also have the option to attach it in front of your trailer. To do so, you must first build a metal or plastic-made platform where the generator fits well. Attach the makeshift platform to the front bumper and secure with screws. Again, secure using straps or bungee cords. Take note that this can only be done if your camper has a front end that’s fully aligned.

* One of the most popular ways to transport camping generators is to put them on the top of the camping trailer, especially when the trip to the campsite will take time. If you plan on doing this, first cover the generator with its accompanying protection gear in order to prevent damage because of the wind or the weather. Secure tightly using bungee cords or tie-down straps.

* If the potential gas smell is not part of your concern, you can carry the generator inside your truck camper’s generator compartment Once at the campsite, you can unload it from the vehicle and place it outside. If you’ve finished camping and are planning to go home, make sure that before putting the generator back inside, the exhaust has already cooled down. Keep in mind that a hot exhaust can sometimes emit fumes.

* Some campers buy themselves a custom-built driver’s side rear compartment. According to them, they are not keen on using stock generator compartments as their generators would need to be tilted or tipped in order to fit in.

* Another option is, if you do not have that much of a passenger, store your generator in the back seat. Just don’t forget to seal it in a garbage bag or in a protective cover to help prevent fumes.

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