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Safeguard Individual Privacy Rights With GDPR Compliance

Do you have partners or customers within the borders of the European Union? If yes then you must know about the GDPR (general data protection regulation) because if you avoid this today then you will have adverse effects on your profitability. If you avoid doing this then you will have to face economic penalties which will obstruct the growth of your business and thus will hamper the image of your company. For instance you may be fined 2% of the total revenue.

GDPR greatly expands the definition of what includes the private and personal data as it includes not only this but also the genetic, cultural, social, medical information. In order to comply with the general data protection regulation, the businesses need to fulfil the new requirements with it so the implications of GDPR compliance for data protection and storage infrastructure must be known properly. It lays emphasis on the safeguarding the EU people’s private rights and individual rights. The right of the citizens of EU must be honoured especially the “right to be forgotten” because all the sensitive data it captured with the companies. This can be done by appointing the data protection officer who will heed upon the data breach and will report everything about it.

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Everything can be made flexible with the GDPR which will help the companies in their business operations. Moreover, the businesses today have advance technology to support all the requirements which are needed by general data protection regulation. They have such policies, procedures and controls to support the GDPR compliance. However, the implications of GDPR compliance for data protection and storage infrastructure must be studied by the businesses. There are some important terms related to the GDPR which must be known to all the businesses as it has various implications such as data access governance , privacy impact assessment or data breach resolution. So, following are the important terminology:-

  • Right to be forgotten – It is the right of every individual or a citizen of the European Union to get erased the personal data and that should no longer be accessed. The individual can request it anytime to erase all the private and personal data stored with the controller to be deleted. This is a very crucial issue as there is always an ambiguity on this that whether the data has been deleted or not. The individual data must be kept safe and the right to be forgotten must be honoured.
  • Personal data – This includes the email address, name, cookies , physical ,cultural, genetic, physiological information ,IP address, social media posts , cultural identity, location and much more. The personal data of the individual must be safeguarded by the business.
  • Personal data breach – Data breach means any unlawful or accidental loss and destruction of the personal data. The information may be disclosed by an authorised way and thus leading to the loss of the personal data of the individual. So for the better processing it’s better to cooperate with the GDPR.

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