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Technical flooring terms explained

When we plan for flooring, we go through many flooring ideas. We consider marble, rock, woods, etc. But when it comes to wood flooring, there are multiple types. We find so many options that selecting one becomes so tedious. Therefore, in this article, the types of wood flooring are explained. You will get all technical and general information as required.

Types of wood flooring

  1. Solid Wood Floors- Solid woods are generally laid with battens and planks and these are milled from a single hardwood. It is one of the cheapest floorings and can be used for sports flooring, parquetry, etc.
  2. Reproduction Engineered Floors – To enhance the durability and meet the desired qualities, woods are being engineered too. With the engineering, woods are being imparted with shades, lacquers, textures and a lot more. In fact, these engineered floorings are best solutions for abrasion, scratching and shattering.
  3. Reclaimed wood Floors- Currently, due to its big advantage toward sustainable development, reclaimed wood flooring is generally getting a lot of spotlights. It not only imparts ecological benefits, but it also gives a unique look to the place where it is used.
  4. Engineered Wood Floors – Such type of flooring uses a timber board that has at least two layers. In between the layers, grains are perpendicularly aligned. Due to its design, it is one of the strongest woods used for flooring. Such type of wood neither shrinks nor swells.
  5. Reclaimed cladding – Such type of flooring uses Havwoods’ products to clad floor, walls and ceilings. They are specifically designed to meet the need.
  6. Parquet Wood Floors – Parquet wood flooring has the geometrical pattern and generally consists mosaics, chevron and herringbone. Those who require contemporary look, they can go with such floors.

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