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Treat ADHD Symptoms with Atomoxetine

The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or simply ADHD refers to a set of behavioral characteristics which include impulsiveness, inattentiveness, and hyperactivity. May children suffer from the symptoms at particular phases of life. The symptoms may start at a very early age, but you might notice them once there is a change in the circumstances of the child. Most of the cases show up when the children are between the age of 6 to 12 years. If the symptoms show up in the adult phase of life, then you are going to continue experiencing the problem for a while.

Factors causing ADHD

There is no exact cause proved till now for causing ADHD. Sometimes, premature birth or low weight during the birth of your child can cause ADHD. If you consume alcohol or smoke during the pregnancy period, chances of developing ADHD also increases. It does not affect people depending on the level of intellectual ability. The medication for the treatment is available at RXShopMD. The medicine alters the nature of the brain function and nerve chemicals that adversely affect your mental health. You can try this medicine which has an all-round treatment schedule involving your psychological, social, and other similar treatment.

Using the medicine

Before taking the Atomoxetine, it is better to go through then medication guide for once. You have to take medicine as prescribed by the doctor with food or without the food. Generally, doctors prescribe to take the dose once or twice a day. The first dose intake is in the morning just after you wake up. The second dose is preferably in the afternoon or early evening. Late intake sometimes can cause the problem in sleeping during the night. You can easily swallow the capsule but chewing the pill is a strict no. Don’t try to crush or open the medicine filled capsule.

More about the drug

The anti-ADHD drug goes by the trade name of Strattera. The Eli Lilly pharmaceutical enterprise first came up with the formulation of the drug. But as the company does not hold any copyright to the drug designing, many companies are now using the formula to generate the medicines. As many pharmaceutical agencies are producing the drug, the price has become considerably low. The medication acts as a potent chemical to inhibit the secretion of transporters for presynaptic norepinephrine. The process has an indirect impact on the dopamine and serotonin carriers. As the drug does not stimulate any psychotic event, you can take it without the fear of being an addict.

Advantages of Atomoxetine

The drug has more benefits than any other stimulants. The chemical does not affect the neurotransmission of dopamine in particular areas of your brain like the nucleus accumbensor the basal ganglia. So you will not feel any anxiety with minor motor disturbances and much-decreased dependence potential. As it is not a scheduled medicine, you don’t have the practical problems of getting the prescriptions every month just for buying the medicine. The effectiveness of the drug has been proved through various clinical researches.

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