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What are the things to consider when selecting the right restaurant uniforms?

Presenting your staff professionally will go a long way in improving your restaurant’s dining experience. Here are top five factors to consider when selecting the right restaurant uniforms to boost your business’s brand image and build loyal customers.

Use uniforms that portray your brand
Your customers will have the first impression of your dinner based on how your waiting staff appears. Therefore, ensure that your host, waiter, waitress, and front of house staff are not only comfortable but also looking stunning in their uniforms. The restaurant uniforms should be a reflection of your personality and brand. At this point, you should decide on the right colors that will match with the venue and interior design of your restaurant. In fact, you can choose colors that match your logo and add some embroidery to make it unique.

What you want to accomplish with the uniform
When buying restaurant aprons or uniforms, you need to decide whether they will be used for servers and chefs only or will also be used by your front of house staff. Meaning, if you are choosing a uniform for your kitchen staff, it has to be sturdy and flame resistant materials. For server aprons, you should choose designs with pockets to make it easier for your servers to attend to customers without too much back and forth. Waiting staff should wear bright, stunning and comfortable restaurant uniforms to make them presentable all the time.

Cleaning services
It is wise to choose a restaurant uniform lease company that will offer you uniform cleaning services. That way, you will avoid unnecessary downtime when one of your employee’s uniform gets dirty. In fact, when a professional uniform cleaning service provider cleans your restaurant’s staff, there will be uniformity in how clean your uniforms appear in general. Also, restaurant uniforms made of flame-resistant material may require special cleaning services.

The clothes underneath
Remember, another purpose of investing in restaurant aprons is to keep the clothes underneath clean. Therefore, you should get longer and darker uniforms for your kitchen staff who experience a lot of grease and spills. You should balance style and functionality when choosing the right uniforms for your servers who are in constant contact with your customers. Also, servers need uniforms with pockets to carry checks while serving your patrons.

Brand your uniforms with logos and slogans
Discuss with the restaurant uniforms services to see whether you can get customized uniforms with your restaurants’ name, logo, and slogan on a regular basis. You can consider embroidering your restaurant’s name on the uniform. Your restaurant’s name will grow when your brand becomes stronger.

Restaurant uniforms are vital to your restaurant’s reputation. Work with a restaurant uniform service provider, who can assure you of extra uniforms so that your staff has a constant supply of clean uniforms.
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