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Why Is a Portable Water Purifier a Must-Have Home Appliance?

Access to clean drinking water is a basic requirement for mankind, but unfortunately most of the world’s water supply is non-drinkable due to the high salt content. The small fraction that is potentially drinkable is contaminated in one way or the other.

Availability of Clean Water Always

At homes, we might have water purifiers that use UV or ozone technology to clean the bacteria and other micro-organisms and also the harmful chemicals present in it. So, when we are at home, we have access to clean drinking water, but it’s not the same case when we move out. Suppose you are going for a trip with your family or friends. You might not be able to find germ-free drinking water all the way through. This is when carrying along a portable water purifier can be useful.

Unavailability of Branded Bottled Water

At times, branded bottled water might not be available, especially if you are camping, trekking etc. You cannotbe sure of the water quality that is available in non-branded water bottles. It may contain both biological and chemical contaminants, thus posing a risk to your health. The biological contaminants can, in fact, be killed by boiling the water, but the chemical contaminants remain intact even after boiling. In such cases, carrying a portable water purifier is really helpful.

Avoid Waterborne Health Risks

If there are children and elderly travelling with you who normally have weak immunity, drinking outside water can be dangerous. If they get sick, then the entire fun of vacations can get spoiled. Thus, it’s always advisable to carry your own portable purifier and drink clean and safe water.

Portable Water Purifier: A Must-Have Appliance

The portable water purifier is no doubt a must-have home appliance, but don’t get confused between a water filter and a water purifier. These two are very different things. A water filter’s job is to just remove the particulates from the water depending upon the size of holes in it. The smaller the size, the better it will filter, but it will not purify the water as the dissolved chemicals will just pass through it. Also, a majority of the microbes present in the water will pass through the filter. So, using the filter, you will just get rid of big particulates.

It’s only when you go for a portable purifier that you can get clean drinking water even if you are outside. When you buy one, you need to take into consideration its size and weight so that it is easy to carry.

Whether you are looking for the best portable water purifier for trekking, camping or any other trip, there are plenty of choices to consider. Assess your needs and do your research to find the one that best suits your requirements.

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