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X3 Paddle: Perfect For Aggressive Players For Sure

How about investing few bucks extra on a paddle which will last for ages? This is always going to be a clever option to consider and you will end up with best quality item. The reliable paddle under X 3 series is durable, light in weight because of the honeycomb design and long lasting in nature. Once you have procured this paddle, the item is said to last for ages now. Moreover, you don’t even always have to invest quite a lot for the product, if you are aware of the discounted rates. Click on https://www.wolfesports.com/collections/pickleball-paddles/products/wolfe-sports-x3-3k-carbon-fiber-pickleball-paddle-multiple-colors and always stay updated with the changes in the price rate first.

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Four layers in total:

Now, you might be wondering about the reasons for its amazing durability. Well, this is because of the 4-layer option which this paddle under X 3 series has. The surface of this item comprises of unique form of 4 layer design. The first layer is of resin, which is applied right on top of aluminum honeycomb in the core. The second layer is that of fiberglass and the third layer has to be of graphite. Finally, you can end up with a fourth layer, which is designed to be an interwoven carbon fiber of X 3 series. These four layers together make this paddle strong and durable with light weight being another option.

Super strong and easy to use:

Even though the paddle is strong because of the four layers, but its aluminum honeycomb core makes it light in weight and portable in nature. Moreover, the item comprises of an Edge guard, which adds that extra layer of protection to it. If you are an aggressive player, then this option is the most suitable one for you to consider. For any other details, make sure to use this product first.

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